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Bigg Boss 9 App download  if you want to be updated with latest Biggboss 9 news, Gossips, controversy and drama then Hurry now! And get Bigg Boss app 9 free download in your mobiles. Get latest news about Bigg boss season 9 at bb9 app.

Bigg Boss season 9 is going to be aired on 11th of October, on Indian television’s popular channel Colors. This time Enjoy Bigg Boss 9 with more comfortably in your hand, with the Bigg Boss 9 Mobile App. Get Bigg Boss 9 App free download, the Bigg Boss9 app is supportable on all mobile platforms.

Bigg Boss is the most popular reality series on the Indian television channel Color, have huge national or international fan followings around the globe. Where a number of celebrities belong from Bollywood, television, political and other industry live together in a beautiful house with limited amenities for 100 days isolated from the outside world.

Bigg Boss 9 App Free Download

Bigg boss is the Indian version of famous reality show Big Brother, the eviction in the house happen every week where housemates have choice to nominate two contestants, in the end two contestants with majority of votes go into the dumping zone where audience have the power to evict one of them with voting their favorite celebrity.

Bigg Boss house in full of entertainment where you can get different all kinds of entertainment at one place like drama, fighting, love, romance, emotions, etc. Now you can catch all Entertainment and put your eye on the every moment of the Contestant to select the best one.

Bigg boss has completed its eight successful seasons with the Bollywood Superstar King Khan i.e. Salman Khan as the host of the show. Now the Biggest Reality Show on Indian television coming with its Ninth season, i.e. Bigg boss 9 Double Trouble where the Host Salman Khan Promises the Double the Trouble of All Contestants living in the house.

Well with the turning age of technology more people turning towards mobile application as mobile phones make your browsing experience more comfortable. Now everything available with more user-friendly platform within your hand with a mobile phone application.

Have you ever Imagined, what if you can get each and every update or happening directly from the Bigg Boss house. Yes, Now it is possible to catch each and every activity and happenings of the Bigg Boss 9 house intently directly on your mobile phone.

Bigg boss app in completely free to download, Yes, you can download the app from the play store without paying any additional money, Download now and stay updated with all activities in the house.

What will this Bigg Boos 9 App bring for You?

Bigg boss 9 app is an amazing way to connect yourself with the inside house. The app brings everything from the Bigg Boss house directly in your hands. As it features

Bigg Boss 9 live stream: With this feature you can watch live episodes of the Bigg Boss 9 on your mobile handset. Enjoy the Episodes on mobile’s small screen there would be no chance to miss any episode as you can watch from anywhere.

Bigg Boss 9 Photos: With this tab you can enjoy photos of the Contestants, Bigg Boss house, memes from every episode and you can also see exclusive photos.

Bigg Boss 9 Videos: With this section you can enjoy most entertaining moments of the Bigg boss 9 house by watching exclusive videos which you missed.

Bigg Boss 9 Contestants: Do you want to know more about the contestants? Then Just download the Bigg boss official app now You can get more details and information about your favorite contestant of Bigg Bogg 9.

Bigg Boss 9 Exclusives: With the Bigg Boss 9 App you will be notified with every instant and latest update in the house exclusively on your Mobile phone. Along with that, you can enjoy some hidden moment of the house.

Bigg Boss 9 Vote Now: Well, in the end all things remain in the Audience hand to save or evict a contestant. Yes, You are thinking in a right way you can save your favorite contestant by registering your vote of Bigg Boss 9 mobile application.

It would be great to see how #SalmanKhan and makers will double the troubles of Bigg Boss house members? How will contestant survive in the harsh conditions of the House? Who will fall in love with whom? Who will ready to kill whom? Who will be the first captain of Bigg Boss 9? Well, the day is not far away Ninth season of Bigg Boss is all set to get live on the Channel.

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